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A Christian Transitional Housing Program for Women

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Our Program

APH Serves these New Mexico Correctional Facilities

  • New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility, Grants, NM
  • NM Women's Recovery Academy, Albuquerque, NM
  • Metropolitan Detention Center / BCDC, Albuquerque, NM
  • Torrance County Detention Center, Estancia, NM
  • Dona Ana County Detention Center
  • Lea County Detention Center

We are available to all detention centers that have female inmates searching for a safe and structured home to be released to.  They must be on probation or parole.  We will consider women from out-of-state facilities.

Incarceration Facts

  • 2.2 million Americans are behind bars.
  • 1 in every 32 American adults is either incarcerated or on probation or parole.
  • 200,000 women were in prisons and jails in 2005 in the US.
  • In 1998, NM had 404 women in prison, in 2007 there were 620, a 53% increase over the past 10 years.
  • The number of women incarcerated has increased at double the rate of men since 1985.
  • In 2006, 622 women were released back into their communities.
  • 1.5 million children had parents in prison in 1999, an increase of over 500,000 in the ten years prior.
  • Nationally, 600,000 inmates return to their communities each year.
  • Statistics show that over 70% will return to prison or jail due to lack of support “on the outside”.  This is a burden of 27.5 billion dollars on taxpaying Americans.

Statistics from NM Corrections Dept, DOJ, Public Safety Performance Project
and The Sentencing Projec

Upon acceptance to APH, Inc. a woman is welcomed home.  At A Peaceful Habitation we evaluate and assess each woman’s needs upon arrival at the home.

We have a resource center available for a woman who wants to study for her GED, improve her typing skills, apply for employment online or just work on her computer skills. If her dream or goal is to continue her education or pursue vocational training, we have contacts and resources at Central NM (CNM) that will assist her access scholarships and grants to help with the cost of education.

Even though we do not have the ability to accept women with severe medical or psychiatric or psychological issues, APH has referrals and resources for medical and counseling if a woman so requires.  

Because APH is a home, every effort is made to make every woman feel part of the family.  She is picked up at the incarcerating facility or the bus stop.  She is given a welcome basket, a prayer quilt and a hygiene basket and a bus pass.  Hygiene items and bus passes are provided for the first three months at no cost.  After a woman finds employment, she is responsible to obtain them.  If it is determined that she still needs assistance, it will be provided. 

She is assigned a mentor (sometimes two) and the mentor is informed of her arrival and provided with forms to begin her transition.  She is processed (in a non-intrusive manner) into the home and provided with a copy of the daily schedule (making sure she understands that she will be held responsible to participate in all workshops/classes, church attendance, etc.), the policies and procedures (She is encouraged to take the first week to get acclimated and get accustomed to her surroundings and the requirements of the probation and parole department, before seeking employment.  

All the changes can be overwhelming.) and resources, etc. Copies of conditions of release are obtained and it is determined when she will need to see her Probation and parole officer. An assessment/evaluation of her needs and skills is completed. 

Depending on the woman’s needs, arrangements are made to fulfill those needs. She may need clothing, so she is referred and sometimes taken to The Yard, My Sister’s Closet, or the donation closet at home where clothing is available.  A woman has to pay $150 entrance fee (one-time) and $400 a month fee (ongoing). 

We know everyone does not have money after incarceration, so terms are worked out for the fees to be paid after employment and in a timely manner. Life Skills classes are provided to empower every woman to assist her in making wise choices in life, whether those choices are financial, with employment, family and definitely spiritual. We have an ordained pastor (retired prison chaplain) available for the women. 

We have a resource center that will help those who need a GED or help with resume writing. Because we only have six or less women at a time in the house(s), we can provide individual attention to the needs of the women in their efforts to become an independent person. 

APH is blessed to have a very supportive and generous cadre of volunteers who go above and beyond to help the women who come to the home. They also provide special outings, fun activities which will sometimes include the women’s families. Every woman is required to open a savings account to assist them in preparing for their transition out of APH.  

Monthly monitoring determines the progress made by each woman. APH has resources that will assist women in obtaining housing and household furnishings if needed after the 6 or 12 month stay. Again, the length of stay is determined by the woman’s progress and on an individual case by case basis.