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A Christian Transitional Housing Program for Women

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Meet Our Board of Directors

I have lived in NM most of my life and in Albuquerque for 18 years.  My life experiences have equipped me to serve as Executive Director of A Peaceful Habitation and I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve God in this capacity since 2005.

I know first-hand the challenges of addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.  It is my honor and privilege to serve with all other faithful volunteers of A Peaceful Habitation to empower women to fulfill their purpose after incarceration. Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Leticia Chavez-Paulette, Executive Director letiplet@q.com

God is awesome. Always meeting our needs and even supplying our wants.

 After ministering in Bernalillo County Detention Center for some years I wanted a home for women coming out of incarceration. I felt at the time I could not do it alone. 

Several years passed and then I met a woman with the same vision, Leticia Chavez-Paulette. She knew another woman who had this same vision, Pat Conkling. We came together with those who loved the Lord whom we knew and it grew. 

A Peaceful Habitation was its name from Is: 32:18: And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. - KJV 

My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood -- in safe houses, in quiet gardens.  

Rev. Donna H. Jennings, Member 

APH is dear to my heart for the hope that it gives women to transform their lives and make a difference in society. 

Being able to watch these women grow in their Christian walk and to watch God restore them and their relationships is a true honor. 

Showing the love of Jesus and helping the women to stay focused on our savior is a huge blessing.

Donna Donoghue, President

Bob Paulette has been a consulting civil/environmental engineer for over 30 years. He became involved in prison ministry with Kairos Prison Ministry International, serving specifically at men's prisons and within the Kairos activities statewide. 

It was at a Kairos activity that he met and eventually married Leticia Chavez, making her a Paulette. His love to serve God by serving those in prison has provided the opportunity to support prison ministry work and specifically supporting A Peaceful Habitation, Inc. 

He has been the 'handyman' support of the house with minor repairs, has provided rides and other supporting roles when required, and is a member of the APH Board of Directors. He continues to provide a supporting role in any part of the ministry to both the women of APH as well as men in the prison environment.

Robert Paulette, PE Secretary

My involvement with APH started because of my commitment to prison ministry. I strongly believe God gives us a mandate to care for one another, including those in prison. We are separated only by walls and wire, not by character or worthiness. Those on the “inside” are not different from those on the “outside” in the eyes of God.

In working with incarcerated women I became aware of the “revolving door” effect when women were released without support, encouragement or structure to make it on the outside. In fact, they are set up to fail because there are so many barriers and obstacles to establishing a different lifestyle. APH provides the structure, encouragement, mentoring, educational opportunities and community networking to ensure successful re-entry. APH is a bridge from release to productive and Christ-centered life in the community. 

I believe in God’s restoring and redeeming power. It is a joy to watch God work through prayer, the Body of Christ in action, and the Word at APH as He is transforming lives. I continue to grow in Christ because of how He touches my life through APH and the people called to this ministry.

Patricia Conkling, Vice President

In Matthew 25:36, our Lord Jesus included those who visited prisoners among those whom he blessed. My deceased wife Sally, as part of the Kairos ministry, would visit women prisoners in Grants, NM. Later she helped APH with women released from prison. I appreciated her outreach to the women and would drive her to some of the meetings and would attend once in a while. My new bride Donna Jennings helped start APH and we will serve on the board together. I have been supporting APH financially for a number of years and will continue to do so.

I am blessed with good health at age 80 and have been an active Christian for decades, including being an Elder in three churches. Earlier in life I was in the U. S. Navy for 22 years which included 8-1/2 years as an enlisted man and the remainder as a commissioned officer. I retired as a Lieutenant Commander. I then held three different jobs before being hired by Lockheed Corporation. I worked for them 14 years. Since retirement in 1994, I have been serving in church and charitable activity.

 Larry Stilgebouer, Member

Brian started his business career in June 1999. In October 2002 he began working in insurance for Summit Global Partners. He is presently the founder and president of the Menicucci Insurance Agency.

Brian graduated with honors from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico in 2000. He currently is a CPA, RPLU, CRIS, and a CIC. "I was fortunate to attend the 2009 banquet in February and I was especially touched by the testimonies of the ladies who have gone through the program. 

I grew up in a loving home with parents that worked very hard to do all that they could to provide me with every opportunity. When I look at how little I have accomplished for Christ, I find myself very convicted. I was amazed at what God has accomplished through A Peaceful Habitation. Also, I was very impressed by the work that Christ is doing through Leticia and I have a desire to do what I can to help."

Brian Menicucci, Treasurer

I am a native of Albuquerque and have been in the HVAC industry for 30 years and recently retired from Yearout Mechanical. My involvement with APH has been a life changing experience for me. To meet these women and get to know them is a blessing. To see these women make the transition from incarceration back into society is a huge accomplishment for these women and APH. These women have humbled me and I'm honored to be part of this organization and believe everyone deserves a second chance in life and Leticia and APH helps make this happen.

Charles Donoghue, Member

I have been in the corrections for 24 years, starting as a Correctional Officer and working my way up the ranks to the position which I now hold as a Warden. My core principles as a person are portrayed in the work I do, as well as the principles I live by to have Integrity, Trust, Respect, and Loyalty. I am committed in being my " Brother's Keeper", by wanting to help other women who are struggling in their life decision's. I am currently an active member of Roberta's Place ( Women's Battered Shelter), Grants Chamber of Commerce, New Mexico Criminal Justice Association, HM-3, and A Peaceful Habitation.

I have known about A Peaceful Habitation since my arrival at CCA NM Women’s Correctional Facility, and am blessed to be a integral part of this organization. It is rewarding to see the transformations of these young women's time of incarceration to their successful reentry into our communities. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity of being part of "A Peaceful Habitation", and look forward to my years of service in such a meaningful program.

Arlene Hickson, Member

Greg is a Senior Executive Vice President with The Leavitt Group, a large National Insurance Broker. 

Greg has been married to Kendra for 40 years, and has three grown children and three grandchildren, with the fourth expected in June. 

Greg has been involved in many charitable organizations over the years, such as Boy Scouts, Sunday School teacher, The United Way, The Red Cross and other concerns.

He serves on the Board of APH because The Lord believes in second chances, and the redeeming power of Grace over past mistakes. 

Greg attends church at The Shrine of St. Bernadette in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Greg Gates, Member

APH Volunteer Support

If you are interested in serving in APH aftercare prison ministry . . .

Please review the videos and general information applicable to non-profit organizations produced at www.BoardSource.com and then contact the Director with your vision to serve A Peaceful Habitation.